What is Giffgaff?
GiffGaff is a mobile phone operator who run on O2's network. They provide cheap Pay as you Go SIM cards, with the option of purchasing a "GoodyBag" - which is a contract value bundle.

What is www.giffgaffmicrosim.co.uk Are you part of Giffgaff?
www.giffgaffmicrosim.co.uk is a free SIM card cutting service, which is not part of Giffgaff. We provide micro size SIM cards for the GiffGaff network. To do this we cut usual GiffGaff SIM's down to the micro size, using professional equiptment. This is because GiffGaff currently doesn't provide micro SIM cards. Our aim is to make getting a micro SIM card as easy as getting a usual GiffGaff SIM card.

Why is it FREE? What's the catch?
Well we are sorry to say, but there is no catch. We can provide micro SIMs to you for free with no postage cost because every time one of our micro SIM's are activated, we receive points from GiffGaff . This covers our time and postage. GiffGaff also provide us with the SIM cards at no cost.

How do I get the £5 FREE credit?
All our sims are loaded with £5 extra credit, this is released to you when you activate your SIM with a £10 top-up. All SIMs from Giffgaff need a £10 top-up to activate, so you maay as well get one from us that gives you the bonus credit. This credit is from GiffGaff to encourage you to activated, and use, your SIM card after you've been given it (by us).

Does Giffgaff work with iPhone 4?
Yes! As long as it is unlocked (or locked to o2) and you have a GiffGaff micro SIM, (Which you get from us!) - iPhone 4 loves GiffGaff.
Visual voicemail does not currently work with GiffGaff; but GiffGaff's usual voicemail service works just fine, or if you want the Visual Voicemail experience, then you can use HulloMail- which is now fully compatible with Giffgaff and the iPhone. Calls, SMS and MMS messages, wireless Data and Facetime all work as expected.
For more information about GiffGaff on iPhone 4 see this helpful PDF file (which includes information to help you set up your iPhone on GiffGaff): giffgaffer's guide to iPhone 4
There's a great app that lets you check your balance and GoodyBags on your iPhone; it's available for free on the app store: MyGiffGaff

Where can I get a normal sized SIM?
As well as Micro SIMs, we also do normal sized SIMs. Just go to the order form and under 'SIM type' select 'normal sized SIM' instead of 'Micro SIM'. you can also get a normal sized sim straight from Giffgaff.

What are Giffgaff's price plans?
For more info on Giffgaff's prices, please visit our tariffs page.

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